Paint Protection Products

What Are Paint Protection Products?

You’ve looked into paint protection but you’re interested to know what kinds of products are used in the process. You’ve come to the right place. It is important to note that each car detailer may have varying products and that is highly recommended to let a professional such as Revolution Atlanta do the paint correction job for you.

Professionals will always start with a deep clean of your car to remove any debris and buildup from the outermost layer of your car. They may choose to do this through a car wash or hand-wash. Next, they move on to buffing your car by using a car buffer/polisher to properly prep your car for the products used after. In addition, a paint correction polish may be used to further remove any defects on the vehicle and truly perfect the paint. This also allows the removal of any swirl marks for a seamless and smooth finish.

The last step is to protect the vehicle. Depending on your vehicle type and the professionals you go to, wax, or as Revolution Atlanta prefers for its superiority, ceramic nano-coating products may be used. Specifically, the ceramic coating is much more durable than wax and they allow for a clear coat to be present between the paint and the outside environment to limit any future damage. Revolution Atlanta has varying ceramic nano-coating products varying in protection periods: one-, two-, three-, five-year protection. During this process, infrared lamps are used to imitate the sunlight to ensure the vehicle is prepared to go out of the facility post-paint correction.

The products used, particularly by Revolution Atlanta, are professional high-quality products that should only be handled by experts. Without the proper use of the products, an individual may cause further damage to the vehicle on the spot or in the long-term.

Paint Correction Process

How To Perform A Paint Correction Process?

If you’re trying to perfect the outermost part of your car, a paint correction may be what you need to make your car look better than when you first got it. The key to getting a paint correction is to go to professionals who can perfect every step for you to eliminate further problems in the future. It is highly recommended to seek a reputable car detailer such as Revolution Atlanta rather than attempting to do the process yourself.

Now, what is the process to perform paint correction?

In order to start anything, the car will need to be properly cleaned and decontaminated to allow the essential steps to work and adhere properly. This allows and dirt, debris, or anything else that may be snagged by the buffing pad which could leave further scratches and damage to the car.

Next, Revolution Atlanta prides itself on a 3-step program to properly take care of your car: correct, perfect, protect. Through this process, they perfectly buff out the paintwork on the vehicle to ensure the car is properly prepped. Once the car has been cleaned and buffed or corrected, it is time to perfect it. This second step includes polishing the vehicle which truly allows the removal of any swirls, scratches, and imperfections from the car’s paintwork. The last step is to protect the vehicle in step three, only started when the car looks as though it is “showroom new”. The protecting step is applied on top of the paint-corrected vehicle to help the car stay cleaner for a long period of time, resist any water spots for years, and repel any dirt and debris.

Through this paint correction process, you can ensure that your vehicle will look it’s absolute best and hold up its protection coat for years to come.

Paint Correction

What Is A Paint Correction?

The term paint correction has been used by car detailers and car cleaning enthusiasts alike to describe the process a vehicle undergoes to rejuvenate the outside of the car. This usually entails eliminating any imperfections found on the paint, whether this is through scratches, paint that dulls out over time, oxidized paint, or hazes that appear from the light over time. In addition, things such as swirl marks, bird droppings, acid rain, deep scratches, or other situations may cause imperfections on a car’s paint job. In fact, these imperfections on the car may lead to further oxidization of the clear coat on the car, reaching to the paint, and causing the paint to give off a dull or hazy appearance. The process of removing any of these perfectly is considered a paint correction. It is in an attempt to reduce or remove surface imperfection on the vehicle’s paintwork.

The process the chosen company goes through may vary slightly, however the professionals at Revolution Atlanta swear by their 3-step process. Their process includes correction, perfection, and protection. They have found that through the proper care and attention of these three steps, a car is able to perfectly repair and coverup any imperfections that may have seemed apparent prior to making an appointment at Revolution Atlanta. The goal of a paint correction is to make the vehicle look brand new again. With the right professionals, making your car look like you just drove out of the car dealership is possible.