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Atlanta's Best Paint Correction and Protection

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Atlanta’s best paint correction and protection
What We Offer

Ceramic coating specialists

The ceramic nano-coating products we use offer either a one-, two-, three, or five-year protection against the elements and do not require any maintenance whatsoever.
Our paint correction specialist has been in the industry for over ten years.

We specialize in paintless dent removal high-end car detailing services paint correction.

Why Choose Us

The perfect 3-step solution

We see every car as a different canvas we can use to express the passion we have for restoring your vehicle. Rev Atlanta has developed an innovative approach to pricing the “correct, perfect, and protect” process in that we address vehicles based on how good the paint looks at the time we receive the vehicle with a simple system of “green, yellow, or red.”
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Years of Experience

Before and After Detailing


Some people would call this process "buffing" but that isn't really a fair name for it as it is much more involved than just using a buffer and some magic chemical.



The vehicle is polished to a better-than-new shine, free of all swirls, scratches, and imperfections.



A layer (or several layers) of ceramic nano-coating is applied on top of a car that has been paint-corrected and should not be applied to a car that hasn't had the proper correction completed.


What our customers say about our service

The value and quality of their work are unbelievable. I was impressed when I saw how perfect and new my car was looking. They did an amazing job. Your car is in great hands.
Christian C.
Very satisfied with the work they put into my car. They go above and beyond to get your car completely detailed. Rev Atlanta is my go-to business for my auto detailing.
Kevin T.
Best detailing I've ever had on my car. I couldn't believe what my car looked like after. So much attention to detail was put in.
David K.

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Atlanta’s best paint correction and protection