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Paint correction at Atlanta Revolution starts with our three-step program which we like to call ​:




This first step in our three-step program is to CORRECT the paint’s clearcoat and remove all surface imperfections and scratches. This is the most important step in the process, requiring a skilled hand, knowledge of the vast array of available compounds, and most importantly, experience with the paint formulas used on modern vehicles.

The second step is to PERFECT the corrected clearcoat, using a paint-specific polishing compoud. There are literally thousands of different options available, and a skilled finisher will properly select the product that will produce a “better-than-new” shine. Properly PERFECTED paint will be free of all swirls, scratches, and imperfections, inasmuch as the vehicle itself allows. If this step isn’t completed properly and the paint doesn’t appear “factory-fresh”, the next step in the process will not result in a mirror-like shine with protection for many years ahead.
The ceramic coating is the most important part of the PROTECT process and is started once the CORRECT and PERFECT steps have been painstakingly obsessed over and the vehicle appears “showroom new” or better. One of five ceramic nano-coatings is applied to each panel by hand in a controlled, dust-free environment and is allowed adequate time to cure or harden. We help this process along by placing the vehicle under infrared lamps that simulate sunlight and ensure that the vehicle is ready for the elements once it leaves our rejuvenation facility. Similar in quality to wax, but much more durable and much longer lasting, the ceramic nano-coating provides protection from acid rain, bird droppings, harsh environmental conditions, and dust and debris and forms a layer between the cars’ clearcoat and the environment. Although not completely impervious to damage, the PROTECT layer helps to keep future swirl marks down to a minimum and keeps the car cleaner for much longer than a non-protected car.
The magic of what we do is really in the paint correction which ultimately is a fancy term for “swirl and imperfections removal” from the clearcoat of the paint. Our paint correction specialists have been in the industry for over ten years and have corrected thousands of vehicles from “showroom new” to classic cars and everything in between.

Paint correction should always be done by a qualified professional and should never be attempted by an amateur. If not done correctly, there is a risk of burning the paint, damaging the clearcoat, or destroying a panel or panels, which may require the vehicle to be repainted to correct damage done by an unskilled finisher.

There are several steps to paint correction but generally the larger swirls and scratches are addressed first with a heavier cut compound, then progressively the smaller scratches, swirls, and imperfections are addressed with finer cut compounds until we achieve a mirror-like finish ready for protection.

The ceramic nano-coating products we use offer either a one-, two-, three, or five-year protection against the elements and do not require any maintenance whatsoever. It is recommended that a proper, PH-neutral soap be used to clean the car during regular car washes to ensure that the coating stays most effective for the prescribed amount of time.

Revolution Atlanta has developed an innovative approach to pricing the “correct, perfect, and protect” process in that we address vehicles based on how good the paint looks at the time we receive the vehicle with a simple system of “green, yellow, or red.” We then apply the rating “per panel” rather than to the entire vehicle and the final price is calculated. We then advise the client on which coating they should select based on their needs, how long they will keep the car, and other information.

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