What Is A Paint Correction?

The term paint correction has been used by car detailers and car cleaning enthusiasts alike to describe the process a vehicle undergoes to rejuvenate the outside of the car. This usually entails eliminating any imperfections found on the paint, whether this is through scratches, paint that dulls out over time, oxidized paint, or hazes that appear from the light over time. In addition, things such as swirl marks, bird droppings, acid rain, deep scratches, or other situations may cause imperfections on a car’s paint job. In fact, these imperfections on the car may lead to further oxidization of the clear coat on the car, reaching to the paint, and causing the paint to give off a dull or hazy appearance. The process of removing any of these perfectly is considered a paint correction. It is in an attempt to reduce or remove surface imperfection on the vehicle’s paintwork.

The process the chosen company goes through may vary slightly, however the professionals at Revolution Atlanta swear by their 3-step process. Their process includes correction, perfection, and protection. They have found that through the proper care and attention of these three steps, a car is able to perfectly repair and coverup any imperfections that may have seemed apparent prior to making an appointment at Revolution Atlanta. The goal of a paint correction is to make the vehicle look brand new again. With the right professionals, making your car look like you just drove out of the car dealership is possible.